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When you need the job done right, the first time, every time! Mercer Darke Excavating and Demolition are proud to offer professional land excavation, demolition, land clearing, grubbing, & forestry mulching services to Mercer, Darke, Van Wert, & Auglaize counties in Ohio and Jay county, Indiana.

Excavation Services

For over 25 years Mercer Darke has been providing excavation and demolition services to the developers, farmers, homeowners, and business community. Our excavation services can be used for landscaping, environmental remediation, and infrastructure projects. Give us a call to see how we can assist you on your next project. 

  1. Residential excavation: This involves excavation work on residential properties, such as digging foundations, creating driveways or swimming pools, installing septic tanks, and landscaping.

  2. Commercial excavation: This involves excavation work on commercial properties, such as digging foundations, installing utilities, creating parking lots, and landscaping.

  3. Environmental excavation: This involves excavation work for environmental purposes, such as cleaning up contaminated sites, removing hazardous waste, or restoring wetlands.

  4. Mining excavation: This involves excavation work in mining operations, such as removing overburden, drilling, blasting, and digging out mineral deposits.

  5. Road and highway excavation: This involves excavation work for road and highway construction projects, such as creating embankments, cutting through hills, and installing drainage systems.

  6. Trenching: This involves creating narrow, deep trenches for utility installation, such as gas lines, water lines, and electrical lines.

  7. Demolition excavation: This involves excavation work for demolishing buildings, such as removing foundations, excavating basements, and clearing debris.

  8. Land development: This involves excavation work for developing land, such as grading, leveling, and clearing land for construction.

There are various reasons to excavate land, such as preparing a site for construction, installing utility lines or pipes, landscaping, creating drainage systems, commercial projects, and agricultural needs.

Overall, excavation services are an essential process for many construction and infrastructure projects, and it helps to create a stable and safe foundation for any building or structure and helps to clear the way for work to begin.

Demolition Contractor Services

Mercer Darke is your Western Ohio demolition and bulldozing expert providing: demolition, debris removal, as well as site cleanup and restoration. We are quick, efficient, and safe when clearing the way for your redevelopment ideas. Our bulldozing services include demolition as well as site preparation and land grading.  Give us a call with your questions.    

While these two are similar there is one big difference. Demolition involves tearing down a structure and disposing of the resulting debris.  Deconstruction, on the other hand, involves selectively dismantling a structure to salvage materials for reuse or recycling. Deconstruction is far more time-consuming and labor-intensive than demolition.  

Our demolition and bulldozing services can be used to remove unwanted structures that detract from the intended use of the landscape and the removal of topsoil for leveling.

Demolition and bulldozing are necessary in rural Ohio for various reasons, including the removal of abandoned or dilapidated buildings, land clearance for new construction or additional uses, and junk and debris removal. Bulldozing services can also be used for the creation of access roads or trails, and the removal of trees or other obstacles. Additionally, demolition and bulldozing services may be required for environmental remediation or to comply with zoning regulations. 

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Channel Excavation and Trenching

Whether you call it channel excavation, trench excavation, or ditch dipping, Mercer Darke Excavating is your go-to excavation contractor in western Ohio.  We have experience maintaining drainage ditches, creeks, field and property runoff, and much more by removing accumulated sediment, debris, or other materials that can obstruct the flow of water.   

Channel excavation or ditch clearing involves digging a channel to access and remove soil from the bottom of the channel for the purpose of channeling water flow for irrigation, drainage, or other purposes.

Trenching, on the other hand, involves digging a more narrow, deep excavation for laying pipes, cables, or other utilities. Channel excavation is typically wider and shallower than trenching and often involves more extensive earthmoving and grading. Give us a call for either.

There are several reasons why channel excavation services are important in Western Ohio. They can help to manage water flow and prevent flooding during heavy rainfall. Channel excavation can also improve irrigation and drainage for agricultural land. It supports infrastructure development, such as building roads or bridges. 

Land Clearing Services

Our land clearing & grubbing services can help you transform your land into a blank canvas for your next project.  We specialize in removing unwanted trees, shrubs, and other debris to create a clean slate for new construction, landscaping, or agricultural use.   

Land clearing, or grubbing, is like giving your property a do-over, removing all the overgrown vegetation and unwanted obstacles for a fresh start. Hit the reset button on your Ohio land and let us do the site preparation for you. Whether you're planning to build a new structure, clear for agriculture, or just want more open space, land clearing is the best way to kickstart your vision. 

Land clearing is often necessary before excavation service or site construction can begin on a new building or development. Clearing the land creates space for construction service crews to work and prepares the site for building.

Land clearing is essential for farmers to create pastures, plant crops, and build barns and other structures that are prominent here in western Ohio.

Grubbing is often used to remove unwanted vegetation to allow for landscaping so new plants and trees can be planted by providing a clean slate. 

Land clearing is also necessary for creating access to certain properties by clearing a path for trucking and equipment operators.   

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Forestry Mulching Services

Our forestry mulching, or forest mastication services are done in conjunction with forest excavation by removing the undesired trees, shrubs, and vegetation while also grinding it to clear the chosen area.  This is a great way to remove all unwanted vegetation from the terrain.  

Forestry mulching is an eco-friendly method of land clearing that offers numerous benefits. One of the main advantages is that it reduces the amount of waste produced during land clearing by turning trees, shrubs, and other vegetation into mulch. The mulch can then be used to improve soil health and prevent soil erosion. Additionally, forestry mulching is a faster and more efficient method of land clearing than traditional methods, as it eliminates the need for hauling and disposing of debris. It also minimizes the impact on the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife habitats.

Our forestry mulching equipment can be used for different types of land clearing projects.  Right-of-way clearing is a common method of removing natural hazards like brush, stumps, and trees from roads, highways, pipelines, and utility lines.  

This equipment can also be used to remove underbrush and invasive plant species to Western Ohio like autumn olive, amur honeysuckle, Callery pear, and spotted knapweed.   

Forestry mulching is a fast and effective way to remove overgrowth while improving your land with the mulch generated.  Contact Mercer Darke today for your forestry mulching and land clearing needs.   

Agricultural Land Excavating

Mercer and Darke counties are one of Ohio's largest suppliers of corn, soybeans, dairy cows, and chickens.  It's no surprise then that excavation for farmland and agricultural purposes is in demand.  We provide professional and reliable farm and field excavation services to help you increase profits and maximize the production of your crops.  

Agricultural land excavation can be very beneficial for Ohio farmers. First, it can improve drainage on land, which can help prevent waterlogging and soil erosion. This, in turn, can improve crop yields and reduce the risk of crop damage. Secondly, agricultural excavation can provide access to underground water sources for irrigation purposes. It can also help landscaping by leveling uneven terrain, making it easier for farmers to work their land and reducing the risk of accidents or equipment damage. Lastly, agricultural excavation can provide opportunities for pond construction, which can be used for irrigation, livestock watering, and fish farming.

A few of the other services Mercer Darke has to offer our western Ohio farmers are:

Manure pit excavation,

Land grading,

Channel excavation,

and Pond excavation.  

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